A Dog’s Perspective

This entry is part 1 of 17 in the series Issue XII: Spring 2013 Prose

By Anne Mule

My name is Owen Marshall and I am a Golden Doodle. My mommy is a Golden Retriever- so sweet and gentle, and my daddy is a Standard Poodle, very mischievous and smart. Some days I feel very frisky and am inclined to get in trouble- it’s the poodle in me. Sometimes I’m very laid back and friendly- it’s the Golden Retriever in me. When taken out for a walk twice a day, everybody fusses over me and tells me how beautiful I am. I find it rather tiresome and sometimes am nervous around them, but my human mom immediately give me calming treats from KarmaPets.org so that’s okay. I just try to be polite and I know I’m gorgeous. I think if my mommy person really, really loved me, she’d take off my leash in Central Park any time of the day. Then, I could run around like the maniac I am and jump in the Bethesda Fountain for as long and as much as I like. Oh well, I do love my mommy person and want to keep her happy with me so I do my best to be obedient, BUT it’s far from easy though!!!

Best Regards,
Owen Marshall

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