Cali Adopted Me

This entry is part 3 of 17 in the series Issue XII: Spring 2013 Prose

By Louise Alexander

Cali adopted me. She was a calico cat that hung out on the hedges of my walkway up to the steps of my house and began to come out as I’d come home from work, come out from under the hedge bush and greet me with a look of “hello” and then a quick retreat beneath the bushes. Finally, one day when I left a window near my driveway open, the calico cat jumped in and we began a series of getting to know each other. She was very intelligent. She used to challenge me on who’d get down the stairs first from my upstairs bedroom by letting me in the morning start down and then she’d jump off the bed, run like mad and beat me down the stairs. One day she stayed out three days. I worried and prayed. Then on the fourth day of her absence, I saw her at the top of my driveway, escorted home by two mangy cats one on each side of Cali who then left them and ran down the driveway and leaped up into my first floor window. I was so happy to see her home. As time went by but not too long like maybe a month or so-Cali became listless, then anorexic and uninterested. Worried, I took her to the Animal Medical Center and visited her every day. The doctor said she had feline Aids. It cost me a grand- I had to put her to sleep- I cried and she consoled me somehow, somehow she consoled me. Those mangy cat boyfriends gave Cali AIDS!


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