Nena’s Magic Wand

This entry is part 6 of 17 in the series Issue XII: Spring 2013 Prose

By Edi Holley

I turned on the TV, as I always do to watch the “Today Show” over breakfast. But, darn,–no image on the screen, only that annoying message, “DTV = C2,” then, “NOW TUNING.” I unplugged the set to let it rest, then I unscrewed the little gizmo behind the modem for thirty seconds. But when I screwed it back in, on came the red letters: “TV2,” then, “NOW TUNING,” and on and on, no matter what I tried. “Well,’ I said to myself, ‘I’ve got to leave by 11:00, got to get dressed and have breakfast. No more time for fooling around.”

Then I pressed the FM dial on my radio tuner. The most ethereal sweet violin music floated into the room and seemed to embrace me. My heart was opened and tears of relief welled up in my eyes as I let go and relaxed into the comfort of the beautiful music that surrounded me, driving out all anxiety about the television. “It’s all perfect,” I thought, as I surrendered to the moment and rewarded myself with a tiny square of Dark Belgian chocolate, which I dipped into my cup of coffee. “It’s all perfect,” I mused again as the Dopamine receptors in my brain slowly exploded with pleasure.

Moments later, awakening from my dream, or so I thought, I looked at the square box before me, formerly my TV set, but which now appeared to be a window. Looking outside, I saw a celebration of China New Year, the Year of the Dragon, in the street. A long orange and gold dragon twisted through the six-lane traffic on Tillary Street. Firecrackers were flying as two policewomen held up their neon-green gloved hands to stop the Brooklyn Bridge traffic so the dragon could pass. Behind the dragon was a stream of dancing children. My granddaughter Nena was in the middle of it turning cartwheels in her princess dress and sparkle high heels, and, of course, her magic wand! “Ahah,” I thought, “I wonder if she’s the one who conjured all this up by waving her magic wand?” Her cat Mimsey, the roly- poly Siamese with one ear and a pink collar with a jingle bell under her chin was singing, “Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high” But her new tiger kitty Mariposa, was batting at the bird toy Nena bought for her on Saturday, at Heights Cats. She was having such a wild time with it, I could not take my eyes away – bird feathers were swooping up and down, this way and that, until, in a sudden flash, the bird separated from the stick and actually flew up into the air—ALIVE! A living, breathing, graceful green hummingbird, with accordion wings that opened to a rainbow of purple and vermilion. And, as it flew by my window, I could actually see a rim of tiny seed pearls encircling each jet black eye!

What do you think happened next? My TV came on! “It’s all perfect” I said to myself.

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