NYWC Weekly Writing Prompt

Contributed by Michael Charboneau

At the end of my semester abroad in Granada, Spain, I was eager to return to New York. On the way home from the airport, I craned my neck out the windows of my cab to catch glimpses of the city, setting my eyes on each bridge and building and smiling at them as if they were friends I had left behind. When I stepped out of the cab in my neighborhood, however, I was surprised by just how much I recognized: everything from the tall brick buildings to the gum-spotted sidewalk looked exactly as I had left it.

I quickly realized that although I had changed and learned quite a bit over the course of the semester, New York was still New York, in all its shiny-scummy-fast-paced greatness. But after months of living in the shadow of the Alhambra,


eating delicious paella,


and listening to flamenco,

the city seemed, to me, a little ordinary. Had the place that has captivated me for years suddenly lost its charm? At first, it seemed like it had. Fortunately, I’ve now settled in to enjoying it again, but living abroad has definitely changed the way I view my adopted home.

For today’s prompt, write a story in which you or your character returns from a journey. How do they react to their home when they arrive?