NYWC Weekly Writing Prompt

By Michael Charboneau

Hot dogs sizzle on backyard grills; the stars and stripes drape themselves over every available surface, and fireworks—amateur and professional—light up the sky at all hours of the night. This past Friday, we celebrated the Fourth of July, the time-honored holiday that marks America’s independence. Back in 1776, however, American independence was anything but certain. The New York Times reports that during the sweltering summer of that year, a group of rebellious colonists in Philadelphia were setting the foundations for the fledgling country’s independence and, of course, future celebrations of it. Interestingly, the Continental Congress, as this group was known, voted in favor of the Declaration of Independence on July 2nd.

In a letter to his wife, John Adams predicted that date as “the great anniversary festival” to be celebrated by “future generations” of Americans. Obviously, Adams’ prediction was off by two days. Why? The voting in Congress was done in secret, and the Declaration was not adopted and made public until July 4th. When the news went public, celebrations abounded, creating a tradition that has lasted to this day.

Fire works

For today’s prompt, write a story in which you or your character makes a prediction about something that will happen in the future. Then, skip forward in time to see how reality has deviated from or lived up to that prediction.