Writing Prompt: On my radio

Contributed by Michael Charboneau

Labor Day weekend may have come and gone, but listen closely to the songs blaring out of car radios, and you’ll swear that summer is still in full swing. This summer, like countless summers before it, flew by with its own soundtrack of pop anthems. Although they can be anything from cringe-worthy to chronically catchy, I have to say that discovering the latest batch of jams is one of my favorite rituals of the season. Luckily, the past few months have seen no shortage of chart toppers. Check out the Billboard Hot 100 for a rundown of the biggest songs, like Canadian reggae band Magic!’s smash hit, “Rude.”

And who could forget this little gem from 2012?

Love them or hate them, those summer tunes have provided the backdrop for road trips, to pool lounging, and everything in between. With the warmer months unfortunately coming to a close, what better way to celebrate summer 2014 than by getting a little musical?

Watch the music video to your favorite summer hit from 2014 or any other year. Using the video as inspiration, reimagine whatever you did today as if it were part of a pop music video.