14th Street Gold

NY Writers Coalition Press is proud to present the latest installment of 14th Street Gold, a collection of writing from NY Writers Coalition workshops at the 14th Street Y in New York, NY.

Myra Baum   /   Mary Blas   /   John Cappelletti
Antoinette Carone   /   Hunter Demos   /   Muriel Gray   /   Edi Holley
Eileen D. Kelly   /  Daisy Menkes Klein   /   Cecile Wertheim Kramer
Suzanne Lapka   /   Syd Lazarus   /   Annette Lewis   /   Judith M. Lukin
Yasuko Nagasawa   /   Emma Phojanakong   /   Ann Quintano   /   Bob Rosen   /   Jane Scharfman
Lynne Stopler   /   Lorraine Theordor   /   Beatrice Wyetzner   /   Allan Yashin

Edited by Susan Fedynak & Tory Meringoff   /   Cover Image by Edi Holley   /   Interior Images by Ann Quintano

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