From Page to Page

NY Writers Coalition is proud to present From Page to Page, a collection of poetry and prose written at NY Writers Coalition workshops at Brooklyn Public Library Central and Cortelyou.


Boyd Perez / Robert Gibbons / Jessica Balter / Hazel-Ann Lynch / John Munnelly / Gayle Pilgrim / Angela M. Kingland / Danise Malqui / Senor Fluffy / Andrea Phillips-Merriman / Louise Jaffe / Jan Cohen-Cruz / Lisa M. Novak / Tasha Paley / Arvis Tyson-Ashitey / PJ Jones / Caroline Holden / Clarence “Jalen” Storm / Esther Poretsky / David Spira

Editors: Anna Pettus, Ben Dolnick, Miguel Angeles

Cover Image: Señor Fluffy

Spring 2018

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Price: $7.00
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