Beyond The Stigma


NY Writers Coalition Press is proud to present Beyond the Stigma: Writing from the Port Morris Wellness Center, a collection of poetry, prose, and art from NYWC creative writing workshops for adults in the Bronx, NY.

In Memory of Brenda Spikes



Anonymous   /  Robert Michael Bibbo   /  Tania Carty   /  Lauren Cockerham-Colas
Patricia Craig   /  Jose Tony Delgado   /  Marsha Dommel   /  Leonard Gill   /  Tammy Knoblauch
Yolanda Maldonado   /  Elizabeth Nieves   /  Katya Pardon   /  Jose Quiles   /  Sheila Reynoso
Sharon Roberts   /  Collette Roche   /  Brenda Spikes   /  Melissa Stein   /  Inell Tolliver

Edited by John Maney Jr.   /   Cover Image by Anna Pettus   /   Interior Images by Irene Soloway

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