Can You Feel the Free in Me

NY Writers Coalition Press is proud to present Can You Feel the Free in Me: Writing from Rikers Island, a collection of poetry and prose written in NY Writers Coalition workshops for women at the Rose M. Singer Center on Rikers Island.


Astarra H. / Beverly Cole / Brianna Earle / Cherry / Chivona H. / Cee / Deborah Clearman / Dee-Dee / Elaina P / Elizabath Sheeley / Grey / Jazzy / Kay /
Kim Williams / Latrina Crocker / Nadine P. / Nicole Smith / Onyx Carter /
Selvaggia Pizzetti / Tamika Powell / Whitney Simmons / Zarah E. Coombs / Jacqueline Rodriguez

Editor: Deborah Clearman

Cover Image: Deborah Clearman after Dürer

Interior Images: Eder Pozo Pérez

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