I Feel Surreal

Click through for information about purchasing this product for Kindle. This is the third book of writing from the Ridge Kids (ages 5-10), NYWC’s long-running workshop at the Brooklyn Public Library’s Bay Ridge Branch. The pieces are hilarious, heartwarming and unbelievably insightful. A must read.  Read an excerpt. Fall 2011.

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The Four Senses

Lucy Bychkov, Age 7

I hear guns all over
I see people in the army
I smell donuts from my mom
I taste blackberries
I like the sound

I hear people talking
I see a baseball game
I smell garbage
I taste pizza
I like that sound

I hear a bell
I see a person ringing it
I smell gold
I taste salt
I love the sound

I hear music
I see a band
I smell apples
I taste you
I really like it

I hear crying
I see a baby
I smell my fun
I taste fur
I like everything

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