I Was in Pain and Then It Stopped

NY Writers Coalition Press is proud to present I Was in Pain and Then It Stopped, a collection of poetry and prose written in NY Writers Coalition workshops at Brooklyn Public Library’s Central Branch.

“Every week, on Monday afternoon, a group of strangers gather in a small library classroom. They come from homeless shelters and studio apartments and high schools and assisted living facilities, and together they undertake the strange, beautiful, trusting work of transforming themselves into radios. Here’s some of what they’ve picked up.” – Ben Dolnick, Novelist & NYWC Workshop Leader

Ada   /   Jessica Balter   /   Debra Bishop   /   David Don Diego   /   Robert Gibbons
Jarod Groome   /   Angela M. Kingland   /   Jenny McCluskey   /   Tasha Paley   /   Boyd Perez
Connie Perry   /  Maria Patricia Slee   /  J.K. Williams

Edited by Ben Dolnick   /   Cover Images by J.K. Williams

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