Insight Out

An anthology of work from NYWC’s workshop at the Center for Independence of the Disabled–New York. These poems, stories, essays, and reflections, the product of many hours of writing together and digging deep into experience and imagination, are humorous and honest, fanciful and fearless. Fall 2011. Read an excerpt.

Ashes, Ashes

Samaris Ayala

Maybe my poems are precious to me
because they too will belong to nature.
Teacher, please teach me to love my poems
because in my heart they found a home.

Poppy died.
Mrs. C died.
Dr. Umpierre died.
Wayne died.

Maybe my poems are a way
of talking to the dead.
The poems are my soul’s safety.

Ashes frighten me.
I smoke because my life
is filled with ashes.

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