NY Writers Coalition Press is proud to present Metamorphosis: Writing from Women at Serendipity, a collection of poetry, prose, and art from NYWC creative writing workshops in BedStuy, Brooklyn.

“…I never thought that I had potential to write about my feelings or thoughts. Even better than that: Create short stories where you wish you was there. When I look at my past til now, I am thankful for the time I spend with Colleen for giving me hope and strength.” – Joyeil Glover

“…About fifteen years ago my sister and I wanted to write a book together, “Why Doesn’t She Hear Our Cries?” referring to our childhood through adulthood. With practice being in this workshop, one day I can start beginning to write about my past, fears, and loneliness and put it behind me.” – Gloria Page

“I do like to write, it helps to express what I have been through. I do not have to say my name and I can be anyone I want and go anywhere I feel at the time I’m writing. I just love it.” – Anonymous

Dominique Allen    /   Tina Armstrong   /   Kaela Augustine
Louise Borriello   /   Jeanne Byrne   /   Joyeil Glover   /   Stephanie King
Gloria Paige   /   Celines Parra   /   Tara D. Rivera   /   Elaine Simmons
Shannely M. Trinidad   /   Sandra Williams   /   Holly M. Williams

Edited by Colleen Pierce Breslin   /   Cover Image by Colleen Pierce Breslin
Interior Images by Colleen Pierce Breslin & Jeanne Byrne

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