Still Practicing

NY Writers Coalition Press is proud to present STILL PRACTICING, a collection of poetry and prose written in NY Writers Coalition workshops at the community center for Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE) in New York, NY.

“Without the writing workshop, I would not be writing, and my creative juices might have continued to dry up. I have always needed a story stimulant, a push – or, should I say, a kick in the ass.” – Ralph Gray

“Our communities are real, our differences are not threatening. Communion. I think of it as different from group-think. It’s an oasis in my week. It reinforces my humanity.” – Charles Fatone

“For me this workshop has made me want to write further. It has given me more confidence in my ability to write. It has also helped me appreciate the prose in literature. I now look forward to Monday afternoons more than any other afternoon of the week.” – Anonymous

Michelle Baker   /  Marvin Corb   /  Chelsea Dreher   /  Charles Fatone   /  Ralph Gray   /  Beverly Gross
David Kerry Heefner   /  Alice Jacoby   /  Bill Larmer   /  John McLellan   /  Jessica Nooney
Fred Quintiliani   /  Rita Schultz   /  Tony Setteducate   /  Roger Silva   /  Dick Sternberg
Gloria Zimmerman

Edited by Jacob Thomas Cribbs & Tory Meringoff   /   Cover Image by Edi Holley   /   Interior Images by Chelsea Dreher & Tony Setteducate

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