These are Hard Times for Dreamers

NY Writers Coalition Press is proud to present These Are Hard Times for Dreamers: writing from Rikers, a collection of poetry and prose written in NY Writers Coalition workshops for women at the Rose M. Singer Center on Rikers Island.

Elena Sava Adams    /   Kim Ayala   /   Izzy Burgos   /   CEE   /   Deborah Clearman
Robin Brownlee Daughtery   /   Dee-Dee   /   Leukar Encarnacion
Christine Feliciano   /   Chelsea Grin   /   Christina Lane   /   Natalie Lopez
Ashley Mote   /   Nadezda Steele-Warrick   /   Corali Ramos Valentin   /   Karen Vella-Zarb
Undine Walker   /   Terricka Williams

Edited by Deborah Clearman   /   Cover Image by Anna Pettus

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