What If Writing Is Dreaming Together?

Since emerging in 2002, NY Writers Coalition has brought thousands of creative writing opportunities to communities filled with stories that reflect the richness and heart of a city like New York. Stories full of hope, incarnations of family and home, perseverance, humor, lessons learned, and so much more are brought to the forefront by NYWC’s network of volunteer workshop leaders, talented artists who are also diligent in the struggle for social justice.

In this moving anthology of poetry and prose, NYWC volunteers have helped bridge the writing communities of homeless LGBT youth, people living with disabilities and major illnesses, immigrants, war veterans, and other storytellers in New York City. They ponder the creative process of one community-building art: What if writing is dreaming together?

Tamiko Beyer   /   Deborah Clearman   /   Chelsea Lemon Fetzer   /   Yvonne Garrett
Elizabeth Keenan   /   Angela M. Lockhart   /   Derek Loosvelt   /   Patrick Mathieu
Kimberly Shelby-Szyszko   /   Melissa Tombro   /   Melanie Votaw   /   Nancy Lynn Weber
Cait Weiss   /   Avra Wing   /   David Winter   /   kesha star young

Edited by T.K. Dalton & John Maney, Jr.   /   Art by Victoria Cho

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