Word Slay Anonymous


NY Writers Coalition Press is proud to present Word Slay Anonymous: Writing from New Alternatives for LGBT Homeless Youth, a collection of poetry and prose from NYWC creative writing workshops for young writers in New York City.




A Beautiful Disaster / Geer Austin / Tara Brooks / Ivan Cabrera / Jeremiah Cartier /
Cordilia / Christal Deathtone / Chelsea Lemon-Fetzer / Bella Gambino /
Jaime Shearn Coan / Jayminn Harrison / Josephine / Kevin / Mickey L. /
Logan / Jonathan Lopez / Sudan McMillian / Christopher Media / Kiara Lee Schettini Montenegro /
Ramon / Robin / Coco Sanchi / Kate Spencer / Val

Edited by Rose Gorman   /   Cover Image by Anna Pettus   / Interior Images by Lauren Taylor Hudson

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