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“In my writing space…  I can almost become all that I hope to be on paper.”

–A participant at NYWC’s workshop at the Creative Center, a writing workshop for people living with cancer.

Join us and become part of a community of writers and activists committed to creating an inclusive city that honors the voices and lives of everyone. Your contribution will help to ensure our vital programs can continue to flourish citywide. 

Giving to NYWC is easy! You can choose to either support one of our six writing programs (Criminal Justice, Health & Wellness, Homeless & Formerly Homeless Writers, LGBTQ, Women & Girls, Youth Writers) individually or choose to simply make a general contribution and we’ll spread your gift around to each program. You can also choose to either make a recurring donation or a one-time gift. Just click the button below whichever program you’d like to make a donation to and you’ll be taken to a form where you can insert your billing information and select whether you’d like to make a recurring donation or a one-time gift.

All are fantastic ways to give and all qualify you for our different giving levels outlined below. 

Make A General Contribution

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Our Programs

Below is a list of our outreach workshop program areas. You can find a full listing of all of our outreach workshop sites here, organized by program.

If you choose to donate to a specific program, we’ll keep you updated on special news and events from that program. If you give $50 or more over a one-year period, you’ll also receive free copies of any new publications released in that program for a whole year after your donation! Consider it like a subscription! Most importantly you’ll be helping to support the artistic expression of all the workshop participants who frequent these programs.

And if you choose to give a general donation, don’t worry! Give $50 or more over a one-year period and we’ll send you a free NYWC Press publication as well. 

Criminal Justice Program

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Health & Wellness Program

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Homeless & Formerly Homeless Writers Program

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LGBTQ Writers Program

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Women & Girls Program

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Youth Writers Program

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Giving Levels

Check out all the different bits of community greatness your donation to NYWC can bring!

We offer four different giving levels (what level you’re at depends on how much you’ve given during any calendar year) that givers are able to donate into through one-time contributions, monthly giving, yearly giving, or donating to one of our NYWC events or fundraising drives.

Each level gets you a free NYWC tote bag and mentioned as one of our supporters in NYWC publications and on our website.

Dickinson Level Contributor: $50 – $250 

  • Covers the cost of supplies at one of our workshop sites. 

Baldwin Level Supporter: $250 – $1,000 

Woolf Level Donor: $1,000 – $5,000 

  • Supports about 20 sessions at one of our workshop sites. 

Shakespeare Level Patron: $10,000 & Up

  • Sponsors an entire workshop site for one year. 
  • Supports our bi-yearly workshop facilitator trainings


And remember you can always mail a check, if you prefer, to:
NY Writers Coalition
80 Hanson Place #604
Brooklyn, NY 11217