Write Makes Might Marathon Reading

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In a city full of stories, so much goes unheard, unnoticed or untold.  The writers in our annual Write Makes Might Marathon Reading describe streets we’ve never walked, faces we’ve never seen, stories we never get to hear.

Reflecting the rich diversity of New York City, Write Makes Might features a myriad of writers from our adult workshops. Among them are recent immigrants, at-risk teens, retired adults, formerly incarcerated individuals, the homeless, the disabled, survivors of serious illness, and many others.

Write Makes Might offers a unique chance to hear powerful prose, poetry, plays, and other creative pieces created by a broad range of writers brought together in a single event.

This event is free and open to the public. To receive announcements about the next Write Makes Might Marathon Reading, join our mailing list or keep an eye on NYWC’s Facebook page for updates.