Pushing Through Workshop

What we witnessed on January 6 of 2020, when rioters stormed the Capital, was an attempted coup intended to uphold the fascism and white supremacy that has defined the Trump administration. All of this is unprecedented, and many of us are still struggling with how to recover from its trauma, especially considering our nation continues to grapple with the global pandemic and the economic depression it has caused.

Fortunately, we have organizations that are equipped to help communities respond to crisis. NY Writers Coalition is rooted in providing space for writers from historically disenfranchised populations. And last year, following the Movement for Black Lives uprisings, NYWC created writing workshops exclusively for Black writers which then morphed into a more comprehensive Black Writers Program, using it’s capacity to provide space for enhanced development, opportunity, and growth for Black writers, irrespective of identity or experience.

Do you need a safe space to process the most recent crisis? Do you yearn to be in community during a time that has forced supreme solitude for so many? Or do you just need some time set aside to get some writing done? This “emergency" workshop may be born out of response to the events that transpired on January 6, 2021 but it will follow all of the guidelines of the NYWC model and will be open to all writers, regardless of your races, class, greed, or gender identity. You can write prose, poetry, non-fiction, manifestos, journal, or even doodle. Whatever your heart desires. The goal of the workshop is simply to provide additional space for people who need it during a time of crisis.
The workshop will meet every Sunday from 3:00 – 5:00 PM (EST)

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