Ready. Set. Write your a** off!

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Just in time for National Novel Writing Month, NYWC brings you another full day to give your writing a little TLC. Join us on Saturday, November 1 for craft sessions, camaraderie, NYWC’s signature writing workshops, bottomless pots of coffee, and fundraising to support NY Writers Coalition. PLUS! We’re excited to welcome this year’s keynote speaker: Julia Fierro, author of Cutting Teeth.

Help your writing survive the fall

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We’re excited to announce the Fall 2014 offering for NYWC’s City Voices Workshop, our new series of affordable creative writing workshops to aid writers in every stage of their writing lives and careers.

Writing Prompt: Your alter ego


Imagine you’ve joined the Witness Protection Program. You have to move to a new city and live under a false name. After unpacking, your first task is to announce your new identity to the world via Twitter. Write at least five tweets in which you present this new alter ego. Pick one to expand.

Writing Prompt: Journeys to Jazzsoon


Pick one of the items in Jazzsoon’s collection, or imagine something he might like, and write about its journey from its original owner to Jazzsoon’s living room.

Writing Prompt: Social media memiors & autobiographies

Social Media Storytelling

Write an autobiographical story incorporating your last five tweets. Not on Twitter? Use the last five posts on your preferred social media platform or jot down a few in 140 characters or less — check out @NYWriters for inspiration!

Brooklyn Book Festival Bookend Event: The Crucible of Courage

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Join NY Writers Coalition and Lost Lit for this free, Brooklyn Book Festival Bookend Event designed to help you develop a writing life that works for you. Saturday, September 20 @ 3:00 p.m. at Grumpy Bert. Details here.