NYWC Prompt-A-Day: Lines Lost Among Trees (and Subway Platforms, Bathtubs and everywhere)

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I personally do my best thinking in the shower, when I am not trying to think at all. Ideas pop into my head, and fly out as fast as they arrived. And it is the one place I never have anything to write on or type or talk into to preserve my brilliance. (Friends, feel free to buy me bathtub crayons for my birthday.) And it isn’t always about writing — I invent things, dream up reality shows, remember random childhood moments, and solve climate change, only to forget everything by the time I’ve dried off.

NYWC Prompt-A-Day: Ode to the Earth

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Happy Earth Day! Write an ode to the Earth or some part of nature like a favorite animal or plant.

NYWC Prompt-A-Day: The Rise and Fall


To honor the founding of the Roman Empire on April 21 by Romulus and Remus back in 753 BC, write about the very beginnings of something that you now know ended badly.

NYWC Prompt-A-Day: Excuse you…

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Today’s prompt comes from our workshop leader Deborah Clearman. Write about a time you or a character stood up to someone or talked back.

NYWC Prompt-A-Day: Take Flight

A Biplane flies across a picturesque blue sky on a sunny day.(User,Pixabay.com)

Read Amelia Earhart’s poem,”Courage” and write about a character who is courageous enough to do the unthinkable or impossible amidst a sea of cynics and pessimists.