The Black Writers Program

NY Writers Coalition’s Black Writers Program is a curated literary experience in which Black writers can generate, develop, and share work in a supportive environment. The program includes themed generative writing workshops, drop-in sessions for prompt-based workshops, professional development panels and lectures, a monthly curated reading list, and a community of Black writers to share it all with.

All programming, including workshops, is free to attend. We aim to create a writing community that is thoughtful, inspiring, and accessible to Black writers at all stages of the artistic process. Whether you’re a seasoned writer with formal training, a new writer eager to hone your voice, or somewhere in between, all Black writers are welcome and encouraged to sign up.

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BWP Offerings

2024 Programming

2023 Cycle Workshops & Events || Year-Round Programming

2022 Spring Cycle Workshops & Events

2021 Spring Cycle Workshops & Events || 2021 Fall Cycle Workshops & Events

2020 Pilot Program

Drop-In Workshops

BWP drop-in workshops occur throughout the year. Visit our website periodically for new dates.