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Our Members

“For me this workshop has nurtured and awakened my inner shy writer.” 

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Lauren Cherubini
Kara Gilmour & Johnny Temple
Tory Meringoff
Diana Son & Family

Josh Bolotsky
Melissa Cahill
Paul and Mary Feinberg
Almedia Knight-Oliver*
Rebeca and Rafael Kravec
John P. Loonam
Sophie McManus
John Munoz
Mark Munger
Elyse Newman
Sheryl & Jeffrey Posnick
William Sortor

Tamiko Beyer
Michael Buening*
Lise Engber
Maurice Heilblum*
Eileen Kelly
Charles Lane*
Margaret Lubalin
Eve Ogden*
Stuart Post
Darby Penney*
Chris Rhomberg
Ruth Sabath Rosenthal
Mary Ellen Sanger*
Julia Schaffer
Alice Shechter*
Darlene Tamanaha*
Jonathan Tasini*
Donna Tallent*
Gene Tashoff
Doris Ullendorff
Cait Weiss*

Tamie Baker
Adrienne Christian
Antoinette Carone*
Victoria Cho*
Lauran Epstein*
Madeleine George
Michele Gilliam*
Bettina Hansel
Rita Hickey
Erin Hopkins*
Catherine Hull*
Debra Kirschner
Cecile Kramer*
Syd Lazarus*
Mara McEwin
Julia Morris
Alec Morton
Jessica Nooney*
Daniela Ogden*
Jen Runne
Lauren Schiebel
Andrea Simon
Iris Lee Stoler
Emily Trinkaus

* Denotes Sustaining Member

Foundation/government/corporate supporters

Alianz GI
Amazon Literary Partnership
The Bay and Paul Foundations
Con Edison
Emmanuel Baptist Church Mission and Benevolence Fund
Kalliopeia Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
Nicholas B. Ottaway Foundation
New York City Department of Cultural Affairs
Office of New York City Council Member Laurie Cumbo
The Pinkerton Foundation
Tiger Baron Foundation
Two West Foundation
NYWC programming is also made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.