Weekly Writing Prompt: Cherry Pie Day

A delicious cherry pie. photo by Juan Rodriguez

Today is National Cherry Pie Day. It is the day we celebrate the baked goodness of those luscious scarlet cherries enclosed inside of an elegant flaky pie crust, baked to perfection with a fragrant aroma of wholesome bliss.

Weekly Writing Prompt: Valentine’s Day in The Digital Age

Black arrow drawing going cartoon heart love by Pixabay

In this technological era of e-mail and abbreviated xoxo text messages, the concept of writing your partner a love letter or poem seems antiquated and petrifying.

Weekly Writing Prompt: Winter Olympics


This week marks the beginning of competition in the 2014 Olympics taking place in Sochi, Russia. I am not really a big sports fan but I absolutely love watching the Olympics and the World Cup. There’s something about watching excellent athletes compete against each other, even if I have only the faintest idea of how the […]

Weekly Writing Prompt: National Puzzle Day

Question mark concept by Pixabay.com

There are only a few types of activities that are as engrossing as a well-made puzzle. A truly great enigma can tickle the curiosity of the mind and force its solver to use complex reasoning skills.

Announcing NYWC’s first City Voices Writing Retreat

Writing pic

Join NY Writers Coalition for a full day of inspiration, new writing, and artistic community building in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. This daylong retreat will help you connect with your authentic writing voice, experiment with form, style, and new genres, and develop existing material in new and unexpected ways.