Writing resolutions, anyone?

City Voices_WEB Feature

We’re excited to announce the Spring 2015 offerings for NYWC’s City Voices Workshop, our series of affordable creative writing workshops to aid writers in every stage of their writing lives and careers.

Iniko & Anberlin sing us a story

Anberlin Video

Congratulations to Iniko Thornell, whose poem “Big Brother” was featured on NYWC’s Sing Me a Story page and made into a song by Warped Tour band Anberlin. Check out the music video, recorded on the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus.

Writing Prompt: Metamorphosis


Don’t you hate it when you wake up in the morning to find six cockroach legs dangling out from under your sheets? Isn’t it awful when you find out that those six legs are your own?Write a story in which you or your character undergoes a metamorphosis into another creature. What must he or she do to change back?

CANCELED: NYWC workshops in Ft. Greene Park (8/2)

rain day_425

All NYWC youth workshops in Fort Greene Park are cancelled today due to inclement weather. These workshops will resume at their normal time next Saturday, August 9. See you next week!

Writing Prompt: Feelin’ Groovy


In celebration of the summer weather, grab a notebook and pen and pay a visit to your favorite city park. Once you’re there, spend some time observing what’s happening. Using what you’ve observed as inspiration, write a story that takes place entirely inside your park.