Summer Reading: World Cup Writers Reading List!

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Don’t know what to read this summer? Click to see our World Cup Writers Reading List! Each country that competed in the World Cup is represented by an author. This list is a great way to learn about social justice issues and movements in other countries.

NYWC Weekly Writing Prompt: What if?

lion leopard jaguar cat head face animal fantasy, (User, Pixabay).

For today’s writing prompt, create a mash-up or a what if scenario. You could write about the image of the jaguar-lion hybrid below. You can write a piece about being trapped in modern times with pre-historic beast lurking and hunting. Let your imagination guide you.

Go all in for NYWC!

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NYWC Tell Your Story Campaign: Spotlight on Tory Meringoff

toricollage medium

But here, by the lights of each others’ fires, we tell stories and watch each others faces as they flicker by the light of a ghost story, or a romance, or an adventure tale… Instead of toasting marshmallows, we warm hands by the light of each others’ creativity and we say, “Hey, great story.”

NYWC Weekly Writing Prompt


At the end of my semester abroad in Granada, Spain, I was eager to return to New York. On the way home from the airport, I craned my neck out the windows of my cab to catch glimpses of the city, setting my eyes on each bridge and building and smiling at them as if they were friends I had left behind.