Brooklyn Book Festival Bookend Event: The Crucible of Courage

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Join NY Writers Coalition and Lost Lit for this free, Brooklyn Book Festival Bookend Event designed to help you develop a writing life that works for you. Saturday, September 20 @ 3:00 p.m. at Grumpy Bert. Details here.

Writing Prompt: On my radio


Watch the music video to your favorite summer hit from 2014 or any other year. Using the video as inspiration, reimagine whatever you did today as if it were part of a pop music video.

NYWC Inside Out

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Every year we’re amazed by the artists who dip into the world of NY Writers Coalition, so it’s with great pleasure that we bring you another installment of NYWC Inside Out, a gathering of the brilliant poets, writers, and activists who have made NYWC what it is today.

Writing Prompt: Ekphrastic odes to our stuff


Write an ekphrastic ode to a tool, machine, or gadget that you use every day — anything from the spoon you ate your cereal with this morning to your ever-buzzing smartphone. Give thanks!

Writing resolutions, anyone?

City Voices_WEB Feature

We’re excited to announce the Spring 2015 offerings for NYWC’s City Voices Workshop, our series of affordable creative writing workshops to aid writers in every stage of their writing lives and careers.