2024 Fundraising Campaign

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Becoming a writer is simple in theory: Put a pen or pencil to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and write. But in reality, writers often need much more than that: they need time and space to write, a responsive and encouraging community, guidance and mentorship; inspiration and resources—and the ability to access all those things regardless of their academic/professional background, connections, or finances.

NYWC started from the belief that everyone has a voice and a story; that telling our stories and having them heard is a basic human need. We’ve spent 22+ years expanding access to literary community and creativity. We urgently need your help to keep providing free and low-cost workshops to the public so that historically silenced and marginalized communities can tell their own stories—not just be written about. Please support us if you care about writers, are a writer yourself, and if you value community, self-expression, and equitable access to the literary arts.


We’ve provided free, high-quality writing workshops for over 20 years but it has become clear that we need to evolve quickly to continue doing so. Your support will give us the time we need to transition into a new revenue model that will make our work sustainable so we can focus on what we do best.

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Donate to our GoFundMe page at any amount and you’ll receive updates about our spring fundraising campaign. Your contribution will go even further as a generous donor has pledged a $25,000 match. Please help us get there!

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You can also donate on our website and make a general contribution or select one of our key program areas: the Black Writers Program (BWP), Outreach Programs, or Virtual Public Workshops.

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Our membership program, which we launched last year, includes perks like great merchandise, bonus small-group workshops, an exclusive newsletter, 1:1 critiques, and more. You can join one of three tiers—Supporter, Patron, or Champion—and memberships begin at just $5/month!


We’ll continue to offer free and sliding scale programming throughout this campaign, including virtual and in-person (NYC-based) workshops, poetry readings and salons, social events for people looking for writing partners, and new lit friends, mixers, and much more. Please join us by buying or gifting a ticket, RSVPing yourself to get some writing done, or just coming out to say “hi". Click the links below to explore some of our specific programming areas.

View our Spring 2024 workshop lineup

Learn more about our Black Writers Program

Learn more about our Outreach Workshops


If you aren’t able to donate, please follow and share our fundraising efforts with others! Share our GoFundMe with someone you think will be interested in our work. Share our page on your favorite social networks with even one sentence about why what we do matters.

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One of our goals includes connecting with companies and organizations seeking employee engagement and training opportunities. Email us at info@nywriterscoalition.org if you know of or work at an institution that shares our vision and would like to connect for ERG and/or corporate sponsorship opportunities.