NYWC’s Virtual Mic-Check 1/22/21

NY Writers Coalition (NYWC) is hosting a virtual open mic night on Friday, January 22nd, from 7 – 8 pm EST.

In the spirit of our mission, we’re giving our workshop attendees and leaders the opportunity to share the writing they’ve created in our virtual workshops with the entire NYWC community—and the public!

To attend as a guest, register for the Zoom webinar, CLICK HERE

NYWC hosts three creative writing workshops per day, six days a week. Participants respond to prompts issued by the workshop leader and write for a designated amount of time. In our Mic Check events, participants and leaders will have the chance to share what they’ve written with the public. Each person will read for a max of three minutes.
NY Writers Coalition work amplifies the voices of historically unheard and under-resourced individuals in our society; we welcome people of all backgrounds into our free virtual creative writing workshops. No writing experience is necessary, and writers of all levels of experience are welcome. In each workshop, participants write a piece in response to optional prompts provided by the workshop leader. NYWC’s workshops are based on the Amherst Writers and Artists workshop method developed by Pat Schneider and are led by an experienced, trained workshop leader.