New to NYWC Workshop

New to NY Writers Coalition? Have always wanted to attend one of our writing workshops, but could never swing it? Then join us here, now, for this biweekly drop-in workshop!

This workshop is specifically catered towards those who have not taken a writing workshop with us before, or have only taken one or two and would like to get more acquainted. If you have taken a virtual writing workshop with us before, we kindly request that you do not sign up for this one to save space for our new members.

No writing experience necessary! This workshop will introduce NY Writers Coalition—who we are, what we do, and where we’ve been—and will go over our workshop method before delving into our writing prompts.

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Choose What You Pay: We believe that everyone has the right have their voices heard. If you would like to make a contribution to NYWC by donating towards this workshop, and further support our creative writing workshops, publications, workshop leaders, and virtual platforming, please feel free to pay the full price of the ticket. If you feel you are currently not in a position to pay that price, please use code HALF to get the reservation price half-off, or the code FREE to get the reservation price for free.