Apply to be an NYWC Workshop Leader!

Interested in becoming a workshop leader? NYWC is looking to expand its group of workshop leaders and will be hosting a training this December, and we want writers like you to apply and lead the charge in this transformative work.
We’re looking for writers and teaching artists with a love for building community, creating safe spaces, and helping others be heard. If you have a passion for creative writing and social justice, please apply!

The Application Is Now Closed


About Us

NY Writers Coalition (NYWC) provides free and low-cost creative writing workshops throughout New York City to people from groups that have been historically deprived of voice in our society. By creating a community of writers and leaders from all economic backgrounds, races, ages, and sexual orientations, we encourage people to gain confidence and a stronger sense of self, find and expand their voices, and discover the value of their own stories. We have also been providing virtual creative writing workshops since the onset of COVID-19, alongside in-person workshops throughout the city. Learn more here.

About You

Ideal candidates will have:

  • Prior experience facilitating and/or attending writing groups
  • A demonstrated history of community involvement
  • Facilitation, leadership, and/or teaching experience
  • A commitment to and understanding of NYWC’s philosophy of creating a respectful and positive atmosphere for writers of all backgrounds and levels of experience
  • Flexible availability
  • Ability to commit to leading an ongoing weekly or biweekly workshop
  • Interests and passions that align with NYWC’s programmatic needs

About the Position & NYWC Workshop Training

Volunteer workshop leaders are required to participate in our extensive training and support program before leading NYWC workshops. Accepted applicants are expected to:

  • Read Pat Schneider’s Writing Alone and with Others
  • Complete our NYWC Workshop Leader Training
  • Plan and execute one NYWC Practice Workshop before his/her formal workshop placement
  • Attend meetings with NYWC staff and other workshop leaders
  • Maintain regular contact with NYWC support personnel
  • Complete any necessary paperwork for his/her workshop in a timely manner (Example: monthly attendance reports)
  • Because supporting each workshop leader requires a great deal of resources, workshop leaders are asked to commit to leading his/her weekly NYWC workshop for at least 9 months.

We also want to note that every leader receives an optional stipend. The stipends range from $35-$150 per workshop session depending on the workshop site and funding.


Email for any questions relating to the application or training process.