Announcing the 2017 Write-A-Thon!

The 2017 Write-A-Thon will be coming at you on October, 7th 2017 from The Writers Room in Manhattan!

Ready to write your a** off?

NYWC’s 11th Annual Write-A-Thon takes place Saturday, November 5 at The Writers Room, New York City’s first shared work space for emerging and established writers of all genres. Will you be there? Register here!

Write-A-Thon Fundraising Tip #2: Cast a Wide Net

You can never predict which long lost friend, former colleague, or ex-lover will surprise you with a generous pledge to your Write-A-Thon page. So cast a wide net and find out!

Write-A-Thon Fundraising Tip #1: Hit delete.

Writers have a love/hate relationship with the delete button. But if you’re fundraising for the Write-A-Thon, it just might become your new best friend.

SAVE THE DATE NYWC’s 8th Annual Write-a-Thon Saturday, September 21 This NYC summer has been a little too hot to handle — let alone write a coherent sentence! If you’ve been putting off your “serious writing” for more tolerable temperatures, we’ve got your procrastinatin’ back. NYWC’s annual Write-a-Thon returns Saturday, September 21 at the General […]