NYWC Write-a-Thon


SAVE THE DATE! The 11th Annual NYWC Write-A-Thon takes place Saturday, November 5 at The Writers Room (740 Broadway, Manhattan). We’ll see you there!

Registration for NY Writers Coalition’s 11th Annual Write-A-Thon opens soon! Just in time for National Novel Writing Month, NYWC will bring you another full day to give your writing a little TLC — be it a novel or not. Join us for inspirational craft sessions, camaraderie, NYWC’s signature writing workshops, and bottomless pots of coffee. It all goes down Saturday, November 5 @ 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. at The Writer’s Room, New York City’s first shared work space for emerging and established writers of all genres (740 Broadway, Manhattan).


What Writers Say about the Write-A-Thon

A room full of people writing together, workshop leader included, and a sense that no matter what happened on the page in front of you, everything [is] going to be okay…Writing was both read and listened to, as if it were a small gift, probably fragile, and meant to be opened carefully and with gratitude.
—Susan Fedynak, Writer and NYWC Workshop Leader

I signed up for my first Write-A-Thon because I’m a nerd and not much of an athlete and I’d always been jealous of my friends who did marathons and bike races for charity…There is something truly thrilling and unique about writing for a good cause, something you know if you’ve already signed up for the Write-A-Thon.
—Carley Moore, Author of The Stalker Chronicles

If you’re debating what good the Write-A-Thon will do you, maybe you should make the commitment to yourself to just sit down, and show up. Bring a cushion and give your dreams a voice. You will never know what could happen if you don’t ask for it.
—Kate Payne, Author of Hip Girl’s Guide to the Kitchen


NYWC’s 11th Annual Write-A-Thon is supported by The Writers Room