Essential Workers Workshop

Our Workshop for Essential Workers

Our creative writing workshop for Essential Workers is a workshop for those who were deemed essential workers during the beginning and height of the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes but is not limited to people who are/were working in healthcare, youth services, social services, law enforcement and emergency services, grocery stores, banking, and transportation. (For more information on who was considered an essential worker, please click here.) We welcome you to use this workshop as a place to reflect on your experiences, and to ground yourself through the act of creative writing.

To provide a safe and supportive space, we do require that those who wish to participate fill out a brief pre-workshop application in order to register; this is to ensure that only those who have been deemed essential workers join the workshop. You can stay in the loop about workshop updates by signing up for our newsletter here.

If you are not an essential worker, please sign-up for our regular 6-week virtual workshops.