Virtual Writing Workshops

Registration will open soon.

Get ready to mark your calendars! We’re excited to offer five cycles of virtual workshops in 2023: 
  • CYCLE 1 from February 13 – March 26
  • CYCLE 2 from April 10 – May 21
  • CYCLE 3 from June 5 – July 16
  • CYCLE 4 from September 5 – October 15
  • CYCLE 5 from October 30 – December 10
Our virtual writing workshops run in 6-week segments, which intend to have the same participants join each week for all of the six weeks. Thus, each workshop requires a weekly commitment from each participant. Stay in the loop about workshop updates by signing up for our newsletter or by visiting our Eventbrite page here.

To learn more about this workshop method, please click here.

Our current workshop schedule is below, however it is subject to changes and last-minute additions.


Tuesdays (2/14 – 3/21) 

10 a.m. with Marcie

6 p.m. with T’Challa

6 p.m. with Dayana (Spanish language only!)

Wednesdays (2/15 – 3/22) 

9:30 a.m. with Dayana (Spanish language only!)

10 a.m. with Tasha

Thursdays (2/16 – 3/23) 

5 p.m. with Z

Saturdays (2/18 – 3/25) 

10 a.m. with Michael

Sundays (2/19 – 3/26) 

10 a.m. with Takiyah
Workshops are two hours long and all times are in Eastern Time unless otherwise stated.
All workshops will operate once a week at the same time for six weeks and require a 6-week commitment from all participants.
In addition to our 6-week workshops above, we will be offering two drop-in workshops for participants who may not be able to commit to a longer-term experience, and do not require attendance each week.


Tuesdays (2/14 – 3/21) 

12 p.m. with Marae

Sundays (2/19 – 3/26) 

10 a.m. with Omayma
All times are in Eastern Time unless otherwise stated.
Registration for our first cycle of free creative writing workshops will begin on Tuesday, 2/7, at 7 p.m. ET. Registration for workshops is first come, first served and will take place via Eventbrite.

Registration for 6-week workshops will only take place on 2/7 while registration for drop-in workshops will take place bi-weekly. If you wish to participate in a drop-in workshop but don’t receive a slot on 2/7, you will have another opportunity to register on 2/21 and 3/7.