When I Opened the Box

by Kevin C, age 12


One boring summer day, my friend and I decided to explore the woods, midway in, we came upon a haunted house. Upon opening the door, we saw a box that said open. In the box were tools to survive night vision googles, a camera, a book, and a stick. A bit curious about these items we picked them up and started walking down the path. There was a hallway in view however, as we came closer it suddenly turned pitch black. We immediately reached for our night vision googles to see in the dark and avoid incoming zombies. After that encounter we reached another hallway with mirrors on all sides. Looking around we saw nothing but suddenly I heard noises and saw two zombies coming towards us. At this time my heart was pounding like a drum. We had to quickly think which tool would get rid of the zombies, with my quick instinct I used the camera flash to blind their vision so we could run past. We continued down the hallway when we came upon a glass of water and in front of us was a witch. We only had a stick and a book left. I decided to look in the book and on the front page was how to get rid of a witch all we had to do was throw the cup of water on the witch and puff like magic she vanishes. At this point we still had a stick left in our survival kit so we knew we would most likely have another encounter. Cautiously we continued through the hallway. We started to hear a hissing sound that caused us to stop in our tracks, I suddenly saw a snake coming towards us. I grabbed out the stick and started hitting the snake with it but with every hit the snake appeared to be coming closer. Thoughts of escaping looked hopeless, my friend was frozen in fear, I had to act fast, quickly scanning the room for clues I suddenly saw a sign that read hit this I hit the sign with my stick and the snake slithered away. Feeling relieved but exhausted from this haunted house experience we went home and vowed never to come back into the woods.