The Perfect Color

by Keira E, age 11

In my opinion the
Perfect color is blue,
As in the spectacular sky,
And the pretty sea which
Blue whales go through.

Blue like bluebirds in
The sky soaring through,
Blue as in blueberries in
Which we all chew.

A blue morning glory
Which has a pretty view,
And a peacock which can
Make a pretty good tattoo.

Blue like a blue dart frog
And poison it will spew,
Blue like a blue tang
Swimming in a zoo.

Blue like Neptune where
Some satellites go to,
Blue like a waterfall which
You ride on in a canoe.

Like a blue shield bug
In the forest crawling through,
And a morpho with its
Wings a light shade of blue.

Blue as in the blue shark
And its prey it will pursue,
Blue as in sapphire which
Shows off a spectacular hue.

As in jeans which look
Magnificent when new,
And a mailbox which you
Receive packages through.

A chicory weed in which
plants it will plow through,
And a blue sea star which
Many boats sail into.

Blue like blue candy which can
Be sugary, sour, and sweet too,
Blue like blue eyes that
Sparkle like a polished shoe.

A blue dragon sea slug in
The ocean it drifts through,
And a blue heron fishing
For food to chew.

Therefore I am sure that
The perfect color is blue,
I am also sure that all of what I
Have said is no doubt surely true.