Dante’s Inferno

by Alexis M. Collazo

I finally got my moment to strike. After a year of doing his dirty work, he finally let his guard down. No more babysitters, spies or lackeys to watch and ensure my loyalty. I was ready to run. But first I had to do something major to cripple him. A distraction to give me a head start and destroy enough of his resources to keep it.

I would have killed him if I thought it was possible. There was the possibility of him being in the building when the bombs went off. I couldn’t be sure he wasn’t. But I’d seen too much to underestimate his ability to survive anything.

His base of operations was heavily guarded, but I had the best training. It was easy to slip in unnoticed. Well mostly. I ran into a couple of his thugs while planting the bombs. It was a pleasure to take them out. I’d watched them do horrible things, even been on the receiving end. They all got what they deserved.

The most satisfying was Ralph. Honestly, I could have gone past him unseen. But I couldn’t stop myself. He’d taken way too much pleasure in my pain, it was my turn. I stepped out in front of him. His face quickly shifted from surprise to a vicious sneer. Just as quickly I jammed my knife into his gut. We were near the back exit and dragged him out with me. I left him just outside the building. I almost hoped he survived.

Once I got far enough away, I stopped to watch as I hit the detonator. In a second the building was a burning pile of rubble. I’d learned to appreciate destruction and this was a thing of true beauty. I watched it burn for a minute before I got the hell out of there.

I’m settling in on a bus headed upstate now. Staying close might buy me some time. He’d expect me to get as far away as possible. I know eventually he’ll track me down. I’ll likely be running for the rest of my life. But it’s a life I shouldn’t have had, so I’ll take it for now.