Let Go

by Rhema

She laid on his chest as he stroked her hair. They lay bare in contentment as the sun began to rise, sleep looming over them. He’d be shortly snoring but she … she would lie awake soaking in the feeling of his big arms wrapped around the small of her back. The beating of his heart crashing against her ears as his harsh breathing slows to a steady rest. She’d soak in this moment as it could be their last, of him holding her as if he meant it. The sweet nothings he whispered in the heat of it. The taste of sincerity on his lips with each stroke promising that this time won’t be their last. That this time they will make it work, and forget about their foolish past. But of course she knew better. The peaceful look on his face as he sleeps, while stroking his beard she’ll wonder how can such a handsome man be a grade ‘A’ ass? She’ll lay there in satisfaction for a few. May even drift off after a while, dreaming of a day where he’s actually hers. She’ll awake eventually. Kiss him goodbye and be on her way … with that memory holding on until they should meet again. Becoming faint with each day that passes … until it’s only but a whisper telling her to let go.