Shadows (& other poems)

by T’challa Williams

Nobody likes darkness. It’s the one place you cannot see;
cannot easily balance, because your senses are jilted.

My senses are always jilted.

Always picking up on broken hearts, and broken minds.

I can smell rage before approach as if I were a pheromone,

flaring my nostrils and making my blood simmer.

But I’m not angry. The person next to me is. All the world is

cloaked in emotion and my entire nervous system is exposed

on my flesh.

Breathing with the depressed,

suffocating with the anxious.

But in darkness, I am draped in acceptance.

Each curve of density hugs my disproportions and celebrates

my fluff. My voice takes center stage and bellows in the emptiness

searching for a wall to fight.

My smile is wide and there are no eyes commenting in

facial contortions about my missing tooth.

I am beautiful in darkness.

A confident goddess, walking barefoot on the world’s emotions.

Spitting in the eyes of pity

I feed my power encased in the unknown;

embraced by knowledge unmeasured

I am truly a treasure

Breastplate of opulence

Radiant as the sun

My soul shines in shadows; applauded by what so many fear

Yet I hold dear

Loving all that I encompass, In this unforeseeable night

A confidence plight

Only visible

In the absence of light.




I’d rather be seen in green,

Than dead,

in red!

Not puke green,

but Emerald City green

Not green with envy,

but I can Oscar the grouch!

I ain’t no slouch, more like

Kermit Thee Frog here,

on the scene

Mean, lean,

injustice fighting machine

Advocate of the feminine

And most likely, one of your favorite friends

I don’t wanna get in between your goals and things

I’m green like nature in spring

Full of life and seeds and rare breeds

I be,

growing and stretching

Catching lessons,

But, you c

Can catch these hands

If you betray me on my land

I love unmeasured, but will slaughter and untether

Abusers, users and constant accusers

I am green and keen like the Incredible Hulk

I am Bruce Banner,

trying to get home