Does Ms. Jordan Know Love

by KJ Champion

How many loves have I met

Gentle loves, frenzied loves, fling loves, puppy loves, whirlwind loves

And those were

Living loves

But I’ve met dying loves that decay quick

Refrigerate after opening quick

And I’ve known slow, sickly loves

Not losing faith loves

Hanging on for dear life loves

Narrow my eyes when you breathe wrong loves

Or better

Familiar loves

Like familia love


“It’ll never happen again” love


One month shy of a seventh anniversary love


High school sweetheart love


These were all the same love

And maybe I never wrote a poem for that love

But my my my

there are “stars that guide your love”?

….Well Ms. June, you’ve got me beat

I don’t think I’ve met that love


Cake Almost Wrote This Song About Me

She is a girl with a short skirt and a long jacket

She is tall and lean and sharp as a tack

She is learning calligraphy and she only types

She is riding into battle and she hates war

She is top of her league and down to earth

She is the main character and the villain

She is the last one standing and the first to surrender

She is singing her praises and watching her mouth

She is right on time and fashionably late

She is no make up and false lashes

She is a tall glass of gatorade

She is previously #TeamEdward, born again #TeamJacob

She is a middle name over a first

She is a bouquet of Venus fly traps

She is a packed suitcase

She is a sonnet

She is sounding the alarm and clear as a bell

She is heeding the warnings and making an entrance

She is head over heels, over the moon and out of this world

She keeps her friends close and her enemies away

She says “surprise me” and means “surprise me”

She parties like there is very much a tomorrow

She wears a short skirt and a long jacket


every day of my life is monumental

Monuments tall and proud

They have this resilience

And grow erect with every rising sun

And somehow I never fall in the shadow of my last monument

I’ve danced to the next sacred ground

To celebrate my arms that cradle me

My hands that palm together

and the shard of crystal pressed in their hollows

My little witness

My little party guest

Always there to celebrate my victories

Even when they look like a bucket of tears