Seasoning Through Life’s Seasons

Thursdays, March 7 – 28
12 – 2 P.M. ET

Seasons come & go; what if we shift with them too? Seasoning Through Life’s Seasons is designed as a place to cultivate answers to questions that are coming up in our lives, using the knowledge we each have deep within. this workshop is an invitation to gather with others as we move into the spring equinox & set rituals that will help us enter it with purpose & intentionality. 🌱🌞🍂❄️

Each week of this workshop will address a different theme as we move into the coming season: feeling late to bloom, budding, the moment of blooming itself, & watering your bloom into the future. what are the tools we might need for the upcoming season? what have we harvested in seasons prior, did it serve us well, & how can we develop an understanding of ourselves that best guides our realities? you’ll have the option to return to old writing from previous seasons of your life to serve as your own teacher, generate new work guided by prompts from L, & also use a combination of the two. there will also be opportunities to share your writing & wonderings aloud with other souls & hear what they pour out, too. as we flower alongside nature’s buds, let us remember, document, & tell our stories using the abundance of our spiritual seasoning cabinets so we can transition with flavor & cultivate writing lives that are more in tune with the earth. 

No previous writing or ritual experience is required to participate in this workshop, but we ask that you come with a spirit of openness & willingness to talk & write with others. although attending all four sessions is encouraged for an optimal communal experience, you can also select specific sessions that resonate based on your schedule & personal journey.

Please read our workshop guidelines and community agreements before registering for this or any other workshops.


$50 per session (or $200 for the four-session bundle). Sliding scale discount codes are available. Use SAVE25 or SAVE50 at checkout. (Members receive an exclusive discount; inquire at


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hey yall, i go by L (they|them) & identify as a facilitator of otherworldly & revolutionary, healing & storytelling. what that means is my discernment, holistic wisdom, & abundance mindset are nourished & sustained through spiritual practices, revolutionaries, & storytelling. my joy is to merge these worlds & strengthen my practice by facilitating spaces that conduce healing on planet Earth. each of my workshops consists of embodying the rituals of writing through a collective journey of storytelling, co-curated by community. if this calls to you, let’s write about it!