Fundraising Workshop Payment Breakdown

NYWC started from the belief that everyone has a voice and a story and that telling our stories and having them heard is a basic human need. We’ve spent 22+ years expanding access to literary community and creativity so that historically silenced and marginalized communities can tell their own stories, not just be written about — but it has become clear that we need to evolve quickly to continue doing so. Our long-term aim for our ongoing Spring Fundraising Campaign is to return to our mission of offering free workshops for the people and communities that need them most. Your support of this programming is essential to making that possible. 
Our upcoming cycle of workshops is part of that campaign. The cycle offers a mix of free, low-cost, and sliding-scale workshops. Any workshop with a cost attached is eligible for one of our discount codes; read on for full details.


Below you’ll find a quick self-assessment breakdown to help you decide what level of financial participation best suits your needs. Please contact if you would like assistance selecting the right match, or if you’d like to pay it forward and cover the workshop cost for a participant(s) who may not be able to attend otherwise. 

Participants who are employed full-time/salaried, have disposable income, a financial safety net from family and friends, are homeowners or landowners, or can use professional development funds or institutional support to subsidize the cost of our workshops are encouraged to pay the full price. If you would like to pay in installments, please email


Participants who are employed part-time/non-salaried, work in under-resourced communities (social work, education, non-profits), are renters, can occasionally afford a night out, or do not have institutional support or professional development funds from an employer are encouraged to participate using our SAVE25 discount code. Those with a steady income are encouraged to review our Full Price assessment above. 


Participants who do not have steady employment and may be experiencing temporary financial insecurity, or those who financially support more than one person (including themselves) are encouraged to participate using our SAVE50 discount code. Those with more stable income are encouraged to review our 25% Discount or Full Price assessments above. 


Did you know NYWC members get an exclusive discount for all NYWC workshops? Current members can email to receive their discount code. Prospective members can visit our membership page to learn more about becoming a Supporter, Patron, or Champion of our work. You can join for as little as $5 a month! 


Free by request: Participants who are unable to attend workshops with a price attached are absolutely encouraged to reach out to us after they’ve reviewed the assessment breakdown above. Please email

Free by scholarship:
Some workshops have a limited number of scholarships available. Any current/upcoming opportunities are listed below.