2024 BWP Year-Round Programming

Current & Upcoming Workshops

Free Workshops

Melanated Tales: Soul Cinema

A workshop looking at the power of music and Black film through Dreamgirls, Sparkle, Mo’ Better Blues, and more.

Seasoning Through Life’s Seasons

Gather with others as we move into the summer equinox & set rituals through writing that will help us advance with purpose & intentionality.

Brother to Brother

This workshop is a writing space for Black men (of both cis & trans experiences) to explore language, hopes, dreams, and fears in a community eager to pour into each other.

Fundraising Workshops

Braided, Hermit and Collage: An Experimental Essay Lab

In this creative nonfiction workshop, writers will use play and experimentation to design innovative essays.

Past Workshops

Meditate & Generate: A Reading, Discussion, and Writing Group

An interactive reading, discussion, and writing group inspired by Being Black: Zen and the Art of Living With Fearlessness and Grace.

Melanated Tales: The Pryor Effect

Melanated Tales: The Pryor Effect is a glimpse into the profound and provocative films of Richard Pryor, an iconic Black entertainer who held no punches and saw no topic as taboo.