The NYC Cooking Competition

by Xavier N, age 10

It is the NYC Cooking Competition. Each Chef has 20 minutes to cook their favorite meal. Our first competitor is PB Jay. He is a 39-year-old. He will be making his famous shrimp mac and cheese. Then there is Plum Quince, a 21 year old. She will make her mouth-watering cajun wing salad. Then there is Granny MacIntosh, an 81-year-old. She will be making a tart.

As the timer starts, they all begin their dish. PB Jay folds his macaroni and parmesan together and Plum Quince mixes her salad. Granny MacIntosh is slowly forming her tart. 10 minutes remaining, PB Jay and Plum Quince start plating their meal while Granny MacIntosh sits around whistling, waiting to grab the tart from the oven. “3, 2, 1!” Granny MacIntosh barely gets her tart on the plate.

The panel of judges taste PB Jay’s food. “Too much shrimp!” the main judge says. Now Plum Quince. “Not enough spice!” Plum cries. Now it’s time for Granny MacIntosh. She is sweating and worrying. “Mmmm, that’s delicious! Winner, Granny MacIntosh!” This shows that fast sometimes doesn’t win.