Johnny’s Toilet Adventures

by Xavier N, age 10

Johnny loves his house. It is a mansion with 15 bedrooms, a huge kitchen, a movie room, a living room with a big flat screen TV, a pool, an arcade, and a big sports field. But he was always afraid of the bathroom. It was in a creepy nook of the house. He’d always washed his hands in the kitchen, showered in the pool and did his business in the garbage can. But one afternoon, garbage day rolled around. So when Johnny needed to take one he had to go to the dreaded bathroom. Once Johnny reached the bathroom he sat down. It was all going well until he flushed. He got sucked into a portal and started sliding down the pipes, rapidly. He got to a very mysterious land.

Next thing you know Johnny was panicking. Luckily he found another portal that could send him back to his normal dimension. “Hey, um do you know how to get to that portal up there?” Everyone was glaring at the human. “Everyone assemble!” The leader yelled. They all nodded. The weird toilet paper people started stacking and Little Johnny started climbing. The stack got very wobbly. Johnny had to jump to get the knob of the portal. He jumped. He grabbed onto the knob and got sucked back into the regular world. Johnny would keep coming back to this other universe. And this kids is why you always flush.