Life After 80, During the Pandemic

by Granny of Six

Sometimes I think I’ve forgotten my glasses, but looking in the mirror, I see them on my head.
But I must have forgotten SOME thing, like the wallet on my bed!
I am wearing the most important items to keep me from viral infection
Mask and gloves I’ll wash on my return, so there is no germ detection.
But what have I forgotten, I know it was important?! This is such a drag!
I even have my keys, as well as my shopping bag.
I go down in the elevator and out to the sunny skies
And it is then it comes back to me, what I realize.
I forgot my handbag, which contains tissues, phone and sunglasses.
I wouldn’t have gotten far without my bus passes.
So up I go once again to my apartment
But what will I forget this time …?
I don’t know … but I’ve run out of rhyme!