by Jo

she turned to nestle
captivating the right side to a point of rest
discontenting my left hip
it hadn’t slept in days
droplets of pressure rained
and asked questions I couldn’t answer
as if a silent fist knocked on the door
of a silent room
it was night
and while I was not alone
i was craving for other company
where was he when the moon was full
we sped past the sunrise
and I singed my back on its rising heat
avoiding the argument between Jupiter and Mars
legs were the bones of Ezekiel’s dinosaurs
as water plummeted to the privileged floor
she held me up
to prevent the wreckage from reminding me of forgiven sins
they had a way of sneaking up the back stairwell
and creeping like a broken relevé
to healed places
i was struck by a fluid lightning
and debated with the numbness
because all I wanted was to feel again
yet the peculiar crowning
gave me a reason to stare back in the mirror
where I trapped a hope and a dream
we pushed together
and felt His surge
permissed me to let go
so I pushed again
and again
and again
the mirror collapsed
because the dream woke up
and I wondered about its quiet
it finally let out
so I retreated to the sweat of my pillow
relieved to now know why people scream
because something is happening
and it’s big
and it’s screaming too