unbalanced equation

by Melaninwomanwriter

Fractionated half of me searches
For the denominator needed
To complete me
He wasn’t it.

He made our equation unbalanced
A negative integer he was
Couldn’t be found on a number line
I realized I had to add
The variables to equate
To the perfect prime number:
I looked for various coefficients
To help me in solving the equations
Of loving me
We could never get the answer right
Negative 2?
Or is it
Positive 3?
Or zero?
Always an uneven total
I lacked balance
But now I know
1+0 = 1

I only need me
To make this equation



Thoughts of him releases
Succulent passionate lust
Quenching her craving.

Nipples taunt for him
She misses his tastiness
Gliding down her throat.