Interview with Blue Lady

by Ayasha Ayurbe

My reputation was tainted by the pale faces that carried my children aboard ships years later. I loved at the center of every ocean simultaneously. I would greet my daughters and take their offerings and tears as sacrifices for what I offered—-love, protection, children and justice. Out of them, all justice is what the men aboard wooden ships most feared.

And so upon first meeting their leader, I presented myself as a huge octopus and spoke his language plain but his ego, far larger than my powers, could not fear what he couldn’t understand and he threw metal, black balls my and I turned them into pearls that fell back unto their ships and I laughed myself into a night-colored, white haired mermaid at my natural size (of which you cannot imagine) and laughed, then cried with joy at my actions or his audacity and my response.

I met new pale faced leaders who approached my domain and I was very busy, too busy to notice that my daughters had stopped coming with offerings and even blamed me for their misfortunes. I grew angry and started making their men impotent, just to see if they’d return but they didn’t. I slept one day closed my eyes and heard the sounds of my children, calling to me in all my languages and I watched them come to the front door of my home, lifeless. I would try so hard to control the waves but my powers didn’t work. I made the oceans treacherous but it did not stop my children from getting sicker or sinking so I stared as my children, their cargo and the pale peons stop in lands, small and large, where my redder children were sacrificed. How insulting for a creature to murder your children and feed them back to you?

My cry, the voices of women in torment from yesterday, today and tomorrow and the day after that. And for me to see it for 3 weeks for me but 3 millenia for you. So my mission is clear, I must restore justice to my daughters, my people ——— my babies. Their right to live in safety, in power and in unity at the SAME DAMN time.

But the chalky people, not the ones awakened by the blinding truth, they call me Ursula but to you my child, my name is Erzulie or Yemaya.